1. Who can be the lodgement officer and what is the role of the lodgement officer?
The lodgement officer need not be a registered auditor and can be any staff of the firm. The username and password to the system will be given to the designated lodgement officer. The lodgement officer will be in charge of all matters related to registration and be the main point of communication between firm and AOB relating to ARAS.
2. How would I know when you have received my electronic application?
You will be sent a notification email to your ARAS inbox and to your registered email once your electronic application is received. You may also check the status of your application through the “check status” tab.
3. Can I make any changes to the forms that I have submitted?
You are only allowed to make changes to your forms once you are successfully registered by using the ARAS “Update” function. Therefore, please ensure that all information is correct before submitting through ARAS. In the case where you need to amend the submitted application at the time when the application is in processing (at the AOB site), you may request AOB to return you submission. Please note that, in this situation the fourteen (14) working days will exclude the days where the returned application still with the ARAS external user. The processing days will resume once you return the application back to the AOB.
4. What format can my attached documents be in?
PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, Image.
5. Why won’t the system allow me to submit only Form 1 or Form 2?
You will not be able to submit Form 2 if you had not completed at least one Form 1. Similarly, you will not be able to submit the first Form 1 application if Form 2 is not completed.
6. I would like to submit an application for registration with the AOB for the first time. Am I able to do it manually?
  No, you are not able to submit your registration manually. You are required to use ARAS for submission of an application for registration from 28 February 2011.
7. How do I withdraw the application which I have submitted?
  You may withdraw your submitted application before it has been approved by the AOB. You may use the “Withdrawal” function in the ARAS and you are required to declare the reason for the withdrawal. AOB will send a notification email to acknowledge your withdrawal once your withdrawal application has been accessed. A refund will be given to you in this situation. You may also withdraw your registration with the AOB after your application has been approved by the AOB. In this situation you need to notify AOB in writing for the reason of withdrawal and return your registration notification to the AOB. AOB will notify you on the outcome of your withdrawal application. Should the outcome be positive you must withdraw your registration with AOB via ARAS using the “Withdrawal” function.