The SC recognises that the quality of human resource is key to developing and regulating a complex and dynamic industry. Our staff derive considerable satisfaction from working in a respected, high-profile public agency that looks after public interest. They belief strongly in our mandate of protecting investors and ensuring the transparency, integrity and orderly development of the Malaysian capital market which makes their work meaningful.

You may apply to join the SC by considering the available vacancies or participating in the following programmes:

Our Aims

Our human resource policy is aimed at developing capable professionals, specialists, experts and managerial talent that will drive results and advance the organisation’s objectives. Our talent pool comes from a diversity of fields that include accounting, economics, law, mathematics, business studies, information technology, engineering, science, philosophy and languages.

Our Employees

Our employees are constantly challenged to learn and evolve their skill sets to map or even be ahead of the continuous changing financial landscape. The SC employee is loyal, committed, articulate, professional, and balanced in perspective and approach.

On its part, the SC works towards ensuring an ideal environment where people can contribute. Through various programmes, the SC employee can gain breadth and depth of experience, hone their technical skills, and as they advance in the organisation, ample opportunities are provided to test their management and leadership competence.

The SC is committed to be an “Employer of Choice”. We recognise the importance of balancing one’s career with one’s pursuit of a personal life.