Lodge and Launch Framework

Wholesale Funds

  • Guidelines on Wholesale Funds (pdf)
    (Date Issued: 18 February 2009)

Structured Products

  • Guidelines on the Offering of Structured Products (pdf)
    (Revised Edition: 27 April 2007)
    (Effective Date: 27 April 2007)

Asset-backed Securities

  • Guidelines on the Offering of Asset-backed Securities (pdf)
    (Revised Edition: 26 July 2004)
    (Effective Date: 26 July 2004)

    • Practice Note 1 – Specific Requirements and Disclosure of Information on Primary Collateralised Loan Obligations Transaction (pdf)
      (Date Issued: 28 January 2008)
    • Joint Information Note on the Issuance and Subscription of Ringgit and Foreign Currency-Denominated Sukuk and Bonds in Malaysia (pdf)
      (Date Issued: 1 July 2013)

Private Debt Securities