Your role is:

To lead and undertake the design, development and maintenance of the SC data warehouse and related systems and ensuring networks integration and data connectivity, audit trails and quality control

You will be accountable for:

  • Leading technology and MIS development for statistical databases for the SC and the capital market and providing advice and working with IT, line departments and capital market intermediaries on technology challenges and issues in relation to capital market statistics
  • Leading and undertaking the design, development, maintenance and continued evolution of the SC data warehouse ranging from data capture and systems integration to global control systems for managing audit trails and codes and guiding automation of business processes, reporting and publication
  • Ensuring data and systems integration and connectivity and managing the network to reduce downtime, including designing and maintaining automated administrative modules and use of virtualisation techniques and re-engineering and integrating data collection and management processes for all data areas
  • Overseeing increased automation of quality control
  • Providing technology oversight on database projects, ensuring high levels of user satisfaction and providing training and transfer of skills SC-wide.

You should have:

  • A degree in information technology
  • Relevant working experience preferably in data warehousing and managing networks
  • Strong skill sets in systems networking, software integration and data virtualization, including ability to integrate stand-alone systems, automate and map data across systems as well as trouble-shoot connectivity problems
  • Strong oral, written and presentation communication skills