1. How do I obtain a username and password for the ARAS?
  For first time registration, you would need to fill a request form which is downloadable from the ARAS website and send it to AOB either by post or email at [email protected], after which your username and password will be sent to you. Each audit firm will be given only one username and password.
2. What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password?
  Please contact the AOB office for assistance with this matter.
3. Who can be the lodgment officer and what is the role of the lodgment officer?
  The lodgment officer need not be a registered auditor and can be any staff of the firm. The username and password to the system will be given to the designated lodgment officer. He/She will be in charge of all matters related to registration and be the main point of communication between firm and AOB.
4. How long will you take to process my online registration and how will I receive the outcome of my registration?
  The online registration process will only begin after you have submitted a complete application AND payment of fees. Once BOTH conditions are met, the timeline for AOB to process your application will take up to fourteen (14) working days.

You are advised to check your application status on the online system. All related notices, news, updates and emails will be available through the ARAS.

All successful registrations will trigger an email notification which will be sent to your registered email address and ARAS inbox. Simultaneously, AOB will mail you a notification letter confirming your registration which you shall receive within 2-3 business days. 2

5. How do I pay my registration fees?
  The AOB registration fees of RM5,000 per individual auditor must be paid via bank draft. Please make bank draft payable to “Securities Commission” and submit it to this address:
Audit Oversight Board,
Suite 8-6, Level 8, Wisma UOA Damansara II,
No. 6, Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
6. Under what circumstances will the registration process take longer than fourteen (14) working days?
These circumstances include but are not limited to


Forms submitted are incomplete or lack sufficient information/documents, thus prompting AOB to request for additional or said information/documents.
ii) Although forms have been submitted, payments of fees have not been physically received by AOB.
iii) You request to make amendments or updates to your submitted application.
Note: The fourteen (14) working days exclude the times when any of the above situation arises.
7. How would I know when you have received my electronic application?
  You will be sent a notification email to your ARAS inbox and registered email once your electronic application is received. You may also check the status of your application through the “check status” tab.
8. In the case where my application is rejected, will my registration fees be refunded?
  In the event that your application is rejected for whatever reason, AOB will refund any payment made for the registration.
9. How secured and confidential are my personal information with the online registration system?
  We appreciate the trust you place in Audit Oversight Board, and we are committed to respecting your privacy and the security of your personal information. We will not share, sell or distribute your personal information to any third party, unless we are required to do so by a government entity or court.
10. Is there a deadline as to when the forms have to be submitted upon creating a lodgment profile?
  There is no deadline.
11. Can I make any changes to the forms that I have submitted?
  You are only allowed to make changes to your forms once you are successfully registered. Therefore, please ensure that all information submitted through the e-registration system is correct at the point of submission.
12. What format can my attached documents be in?
  PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, Image.
13. Why won’t the system allow me to submit only Form 1 or Form 2?
  You will not be able to submit Form 2 if you had not completed at least one Form 1. Similarly, you will not be able to submit the first Form 1 application if Form 2 is not completed.
14. I would like to submit an application for registration with the AOB for the first time. Am I able to do it manually?
  No, you are not able to submit your registration manually. You are required to use the AOB e-registration system for submission of an application for registration from 28 February 2011.
15. I would like to withdraw my submitted application, why won’t the system return my forms immediately?
  For application or registration withdrawals, you would need to notify AOB in writing. Please refer to the AOB Handbook for Registration for more information on Withdrawals.
16. Who do I contact if the s-System is down, or if I have technical inquiries regarding my online application such as being unable to save my form, proceed to next tab, etc.?
  For all inquiries regarding the questions and contents in the form or the ARAS, please call AOB at 03-20910666 or email us at [email protected].