CEO/Officer Responsible for the Preparation or Approval of Financial Statements or Financial Information/Internal Auditor/Secretary of a Listed Company



Am I obliged to submit a report under Section 321 CMSA?

No, this is a voluntary provision i.e. you are coming forward to provide the information at your own freewill. However, if you have information and knowledge of any matter above, we strongly encourage you to share such information with us to enable appropriate action to be taken. Information you provide could prevent further misconduct or loss to a company that ultimately would impact negatively on investors and the market.


How am I protected if I submit a report under Section 321 CMSA?

The listed corporation shall not remove, discriminate, demote, suspend or interfere with your lawful employment or livelihood; and

You are also protected from being sued in court where information disclosed is made:


in good faith; and


in the performance of your duties.


Who do I report to?

Matter involves:

Report to:

Breach or non-performance of any requirement or provision of the securities laws

Head, Investor Affairs and Complaints

Breach of any rules of the stock exchange;
Any matter which may adversely affect to a material extent the financial position of a PLC


Bursa Malaysia Berhad
Head, Corporate Surveillance and Governance



Head, Investor Affairs and Complaints


How would the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (“WPA”) affect these provisions?

The WPA does not override the protection provided under the securities laws. All protection provided by the current provisions under the securities laws remain available. The WPA merely adds further protection where a person qualifies to be a whistleblower under the provisions of the WPA.

ALERT: It is important that you read and understand the eligibility criteria set out in the WPA if you wish to be protected under the WPA. Certain actions can make you ineligible for protection. For more information on the application of the WPA to matters falling under SC’s purview, please click here.