Brief facts of the case


Carrying on a business of trading in futures contract or fund management without licence [s. 58 and s.59 of the CMSA]

  • Ahmad Nazmi Bin Mohamed
  • Mohd Shahrul Firdaus Bin Zakaria
  • Mohd Khalid Bin Sujud
  • Fakhrul Arif Bin Ahmad Husni
  • Fakhrul Mukmin Bin Ahmad Husni
  • Fakhrul Razi bin Ahmad Husni
  • Ahmad Fauzi bin Ambran

The defendants were alleged to have solicited monies from the public for the purpose of purportedly trading in futures contracts when in fact they had no licence to do so.

On 7 April 2011, the SC filed a civil action against all the defendants for a sum of RM2.3 million which they were alleged to have collected from the public pursuant to the illegal activities which they had carried out. The case proceeded to trial where 7 investors testified for the SC.

On 8 August 2012 the Defendants consented for judgment to be entered against them for the entire sum claimed.