Capital Market Graduate Programme

Welcome to the CMGP Leadership Programme
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has identified the need to create greater awareness of the multi-discipline and the vast career prospects available in the capital market. The Capital Market Graduate Programme (CMGP) is designed to build baseline capacity and knowledge on Capital Market and leadership skills that are both relevant as well as critical for trainees selected, and provide job placement opportunities for performing graduates. The various programmes include Career Talks and Career Fairs planned throughout the year, structured self-learning certified programme and the CMGP Leadership Programme

The CMGP Leadership Programme consists of a 1 month comprehensive and interactive formal learning followed by a 6-month on-the-job training with the respective CMGP partners within the capital market industry.

CMGP trainees will not only be able to kickstart their career in capital market but will also receive RM2,000 during their 1-month formal learning and a minimum of RM2,400/month during their 6-months on-the-job placement.

Subject to satisfactory job performance, trainees will be offered a permanent position with the Placement Company that they are attached to either upon completion of their 6-months on-the-job placement or earlier.
  • What You Will Learn
    • Technical knowledge on the capital market
    • Leadership modules for self-development
    • Business simulation games
    • Sharing session by prominent industry leaders.
    • Mentorship/Buddy Programme
    • Application Process:
      1. Apply online by scanning the QR Code above.
      2. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and prompted to submit a 2-minute video presentation
      3. Interview session: shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview with SC and industry partner representatives. 200 successful candidates will be offered a place in the leadership programme and shall receive a Letter of Offer accordingly.
    • Our Programme Structure
      1. 1-month full-time formal learning
      2. 6-months on-the-job placement
      3. Target start date for 1-month formal learning: 1 June 2023
      4. Target start date for 6-months on-the-job placement: 1 July 2023 – 31 Dec 2023
      5. Compulsory check-ins with SC during job placement: Two (2) times
    • Who We Are Looking For?

      1. Malaysian (not more than 30 years)
      2. Minimum CGPA 3.00/2nd Class Upper or equivalent
      3. Recent graduates/those with full-time work experience not exceeding 1 year
      4. English Proficiency: MUET Band 3/IELTS 6.0 (minimum)

    • Student Roles & Responsibilities
      • Participate in entire selection process for the Leadership Programme and attend ALL steps as required (when prompted).
        • Complete the 7 months programme:
        • 1-month physical classroom learning with multi-method learning approach
      • 6-months on-the-job placement at designated companies with two check-ins at SC
      • Complete all homework & assignments and attend all check-ins as required.
      • Trainees are required to serve the placement company for up to 2 years or the service bond period, as agreed with the company.
      • Trainees are expected to organize their time well and respect themselves and others.
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      1. I am currently in my final year. Am I eligible to apply for the CMGP Leadership Programme?
        Yes, as long as you meet our selection criteria and have completed your studies/exams and/or internship by the time CMGP Leadership Programme commences on 1 June 2023.
      2. Is this programme limited to local universities’ graduates only?
        No. It is open to all Malaysians who are graduating/graduated from any universities both local and abroad.
      3. What if I am now in my final year and only graduating after 1 June 2023, will I be eligible to apply and be considered?
        As the CMGP is a 3-year programme, you can apply and shall be considered accordingly subject to your availability to attend our selection process the following year and subsequently coming on-board the programme (if successful).
      4. Is the CMGP Leadership Programme formal learning segment a full time or part time programme?
        CMGP Leadership Programme is a full-time training programme. During the 1-month Leadership Programme formal learning, classes are held from 9 am– 5pm on weekdays.
      5. How much do I have to pay to join the CMGP Leadership Programme?
        CMGP does not charge any fees. In fact, CMGP Leadership Programme trainees will receive RM2,000 during the Leadership Programme and thereafter a minimum of RM2,400/month during the 6-month on-the-job placement.
      6. Can I apply for CMGP Leadership Programme if I applied for the Structured Development/Certification programme?
        Yes you may, provided you meet our requirements.
      7. What happens if I drop out during the 1-month Leadership Programme formal learning?
        You will be required to pay back the training allowance you receive (amount to be confirmed).
      8. What happens after my 6-month job placement?
        Subject to satisfactory job performance, CMGP Leadership Programme trainees will be offered full time employment with their respective Placement Company upon completion (or earlier) of their job placement.
      9. Do you accept non-finance background?
        We accept graduates with a Finance and Non-Finance background which meet the requirement and selection criteria.
      10. What kind of positions or roles are available for me to be offered after I complete the CMGP Leadership Programme subject to my satisfactory performance during the programme?
        The types of position/roles available largely depends on the type of resources needed within your Placement Company at the point of absorption. Some examples of positions/roles available may include:
        • Research/Investment analyst
        • Dealer’s representative
        • Credit analyst
        • Fund manager
        • Business development manager
        • Underwriter
        • Portfolio manager
        • Actuary
        • Risk executive
        • Finance professional

      11. Will I be automatically absorbed as permanent staff at the placement company after the 6 months job placement?
        Your job offer can be either a permanent or contract job; depending on the type of vacancy(ies) available in your Placement Company at the point of absorption.
      12. How much salary will I be paid when I am offered a permanent or contract job with the company
        It will be in accordance with the respective Company’s pay scale of a fresh graduate entry level which will vary from one company to another.
      13. Will I be eligible for an annual increment of salary and bonus payment during my compulsory service?
        Depending on the company's overall performance and your individual performance, the company may conduct an annual review as determined by their management.
      14. Will I be bonded?
        Yes, you will be bonded for up to 2 years with the Placement Company. If you choose to leave before the bond period ends, you will be required to reimburse a specified amount of money to your respective Placement Company, as stated in your Service Bond Agreement and/or Letter of Offer.
      15. When does the bond start?
        The Bond runs concurrently from the start of the programme on 1 June 2023 (to be confirmed)
      16. Why should I be bonded?
        The objective of the programme is to build the trainees' basic capacity in the capital market industry. This can only be accomplished through the recommended minimum compulsory service period, which allows trainees to gain a deeper understanding of their job responsibilities, the company they are working for, and the ecosystem of the capital market industry. The bonding period is therefore essential in helping trainees achieve the goals of the programme.
      17. What if the job I was offered is not suitable for me?
        You should discuss with your employer and work out a solution to help you adjust to the new job and perhaps equipping you further with necessary skills to enable you to deliver at the expected level. Tenacity and perseverance at work are important traits to have in building a successful career.
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