We encourage greater participations and providing wider investment opportunities for small to medium enterprise (SMEs) by providing options for capital market development of digital financial solution. 

To facilitate the adoption of digital financial in our market, we crafted a digital agenda focusing on:
Enhance Access to Financing
Many Malaysian micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) face challenges in obtaining funding through traditional sources of funding to meet their financing needs. To address this issues, we focused on developing alternative market-based financing avenues such as equity crowdfunding (ECF) and peer-to-peer (P2P) financing expected to fill gaps in either early-stage capital or capital for growth for MSMEs.
Increase Investor Participations
Most people would associate the below-30 demographic as more digitally-inclined, further research has shown that the Digital Generation is not just limited to millennials, but extends across age demographics. This rapidly emerging investor segment demands investors will decide which channels best suit their individual needs.
Augment Institution Market
Information related to our Over The Counter (OTC) Markets, for example our secondary bond market, rates and credit market even if available today, are only accessible to large institutional investors and seldom, available to the smaller investors. To introduce greater transparency and spur further growth in these markets, we look to create a central information repository which would be readily accessible by market participants and investors.
Developing a Synergistic Ecosystem
The capital market has evolved significantly over the last decade with emerging technologies revolutionising various aspects of the capital market. While intermediaries, FSIs, start-ups and exchanges may be the main drivers of Digital Markets, there is still a need to develop the surrounding ecosystem service providers which are also key players in the value chain. `Digitising’ these ecosystem players will allow faster, and more seamless access to these services, thereby creating a more transparent and efficient market.
Through our digital initiatives, we facilitate the development of innovative solutions to create a conducive digital finance ecosystem by: 
  • engaging frequently with the FinTech community regarding new SC initiatives 
  • facilitating innovative capital market solutions 
  • providing clarity on FinTech-related regulatory framework 
  • presenting key market highlights 
  • enhancing connectivity with other FinTech Hubs through FinTech Bridge Agreements
HOTLINE: +603-6204 8000
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