“Alliance of FinTech Community” (aFINity), is an initiative facilitated by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) launched at World Capital Markets Symposium (WCSM) in September 2015 aim to catalyse greater interest and visibility towards nurturing development of financial technology (FinTech).

It is a network of both public and private sector stakeholders which includes innovative FinTech entrepreneurs, investors and corporate institutions with an interest in developing the FinTech sector for Malaysia to:
  • Create awareness and catalyse development in FinTech 
  • Form hubs to organise and nurture a wider FinTech ecosystem
  • Provide policy and regulatory clarity conducive for innovation
aFINity’s core functions include outreach to the wider community in order to create a collaborative FinTech ecosystem as well as exploring and validating new innovations and business propositions through innovation labs.
Outreach Wider Community
1. Call for Participation
Following on from the aFINity announcement at WCMS, we released the [email protected] Call for Participation (CFP) to gather responses and expressions of interest from a wide spectrum of stakeholders interested in participating in this nascent community and nurturing the FinTech agenda together for Malaysia.
2. Form Cluster & Engage
We organised regular engagement sessions every quarter, either as a scheduled meetings or on an ad-hoc basis to gather wider industry feedback for further deliberation.
3. Policy & Regulatory Feedback
Based on the engagements and feedback, we will provide policy and regulatory clarity on new Digital Finance areas to promote responsible financial innovation.
  • Enjoy first hand updates regarding FinTech related regulatory developments from the SC
  • Explore and discuss new innovations and prospective FinTech solutions with the SC through innovation labs
  • Participate in interactive focus groups at the policy formulation stage in line with the area of interest
  • Obtain clarity regarding any FinTech regulatory matters
  • Attend frequently held aFINity talks and educational programmes regarding specific areas on FinTech
Explore and Validate New Innovations
aFINity through engagement labs, the SC has been conducting ongoing engagements with capital market players to guide them in meeting readiness requirements when applying for licenses. Engagement sessions are clustered by:

Engagement Labs was carried out to test and evaluate key business concepts such as ECF, P2P financing , Digital Investment Services and Alternative Trading Systems. Through engagement labs, we conduct engagement sessions to assist potential applicants in meeting the requirements prior to their license application. 
EMAIL your queries to [email protected]
SC will ASSESS your request against our criteria and response
  • We require more time to access your criteria
  • More information is needed for our assessment
  • We may schedule an engagement to understand your business
Once you considered our assistance and guidelines, you will need to comply with any laws that apply to you prior to license application process. 
In preparation for your engagement session with the SC, below are the documents and information required for your assessment:
  • Detailed Business Proposal which demonstrates the operation of the business.
  • Detailed value proposition to Malaysian Capital Market where your business model must be able to offer an innovative solution to the development of the capital market.
  • Regulatory research in of relevant guidelines and laws 
Technology Labs typically from specific industry need or use case and can be employed to develop a proof of concept solution. These labs were held in partnership with technology provider, with participation from industry players. In November 2018, the SC unveiled Project Castor – a pilot project to explore the usage of Distribution Ledger Technology (DLT) in the regulated capital market space. Know more about Project Castor HERE.
Industry Participants
Our Membership Demographic
We currently have 233 aFINity members from a wide range of backgrounds:
Our Engagement Profile
Since 2016, we have dedicated over 208 hours for in-person engagements through our aFINity network. We categorise our engagements according to our current initiatives:
HOTLINE: +603-6204 8000
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