“Alliance of FinTech Community” ([email protected]), is an initiative facilitated by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to catalyse greater interest towards the development of emerging technology-driven innovations in financial services, whether existing or prospectively developing in Malaysia.

[email protected] is about forming a network of community engagements among relevant FinTech stakeholders towards spurring more FinTech-focused innovation.

The SC will work together with relevant FinTech-related stakeholders including innovators, entrepreneurs, established businesses, investors and other authorities, as part of a concerted effort to accelerate growth and innovation in the financial market.

The SC will function as the network organiser (NEON) in pursuing key deliverables which include:
  • Create awareness and catalyse development in FinTech; 
  • Form hubs to organise and nurture a wider FinTech eco-system; and 
  • Provide policy and regulatory clarity conducive for innovation.
Industry Call for Participation

The SC invite industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to propose topics that demonstrate the present and future state of its operations within the FinTech space.

Investors, accelerators, solutions providers, government agencies, associations and other institutions with experience and/or has an active interest in supporting innovation in the financial services sector are also invited to get in touch with [email protected]

Through [email protected], the SC will organise all queries and expressions of interest received into various hubs out of these responding stakeholders. These hubs may form across different groups of stakeholders, each with a specific area of interest.

The SC will seek to use its resources as efficiently as possible by ensuring that efforts are concentrated on genuine, cutting-edge innovation. To ensure both tailored and timely support is provided, the SC will need to make judgements about with whom to engage, and how intensively. Over time the SC will seek to develop criteria to guide these judgements, and would welcome suggestions from readers of this call for participation.

The SC will not be introducing SC accreditation or endorsement for particular businesses or innovations as part of [email protected], but may choose to work with them for purposes of research or trials. More generally, it is expected that many of the initial conversations with innovators to be informal. Participants should not expect the content of these informal conversations to imply binding commitments on the SC.

Reach out to us via the aFINity Call for Participation Form
General Line: +603-6204 8000
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