Day 1 – Synergy & Crowdfunding Forum

The Web has allowed for global connectivity within the digital space. Crowdfunding as a phenomenon has broken down geographical limits for Malaysian entrepreneurs who seek venture funding to grow their businesses; while global investors and owners of capital are able identify and invest in lucrative local startup ventures.

The SC Synergy & Crowdfunding Forum (“SCxSC”) aims to build awareness on the future potential of equity crowdfunding as an alternative method to raise funds, highlight new innovative businesses with high growth potential, and as a channel to discover alternative investment opportunities.

This one and a half-day forum provides a platform for international crowdfunding experts, prominent Malaysian digital businesses, as well as up-and-coming entrepreneurs to share their experiences in building their businesses online and the effect of crowdfunding as a disruptive technology.

Day 2(a) – MBAN Angel Investing Workshop

The Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) will be organising a workshop for investors on Day-2 of the SCxSC Forum. Amongst the topics covered are:

  1. Is Angel Investing Alive & Whats in it for you?
  2. Going From the Pitch, to the Deal, to the Exit
  3. What are the Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur?
  4. Understand the Art of Valuation
  5. An Interactive Exercise to Reviewing Pitches and Putting it all together

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Day 2(b) – Crowdfunding 101 Workshop

pitchIN and Crowdonomic Media will be organising a workshop on crowdfunding for startups and businesses who are interested in utilizing equity crowdfunding (ECF) as a method to raise capital and promote brand visibility. Find out more about:

Pre-campaign: What to understand before undertaking crowdfunding campaign
During campaign: Tips and best practices on how to run an attractive crowdfunding campaign and increase your chances of successfully raising funds!
Post-campaign: general queries and how to manage your stakeholders