i) Who is the notifier in the form?The notifier refers to the following:

a) a director of the listed corporation
b) a chief executive officer of the listed corporation
c) a spouse, child or parent of the director or chief executive officer.

Each notifier must make the notification separately.

ii) Can one form be submitted for interest in the securities of the listed corporation and its associated corporation?Yes, as long as the disclosure is clear and all the information necessary to be disclosed in the form is made.
iii) Need the form be submitted if the affected parties do not have any interest in the securities of either the listed corporation or the associated corporation of the listed corporation?No, submission of the form would not be necessary.
iv) What are the “types of securities” referred to in section 6 of the form?This would refer to ordinary shares, preference shares, warrants etc. “Securities” is as defined under section 2 of the Securities Commission Act 1993.

How much time is given to the affected parties to make the notification?They must make the notification within 7 days of acquiring/disposing of the securities.