The AOB is responsible for the registration of auditors of public interest entities or schedule funds under Part IIIA of the Securities Commission Malaysia Act 1993 (SCMA). The public interest entities and schedule funds are defined in Schedule 1 of the SCMA.

The registration of auditors of public interest entities or schedule funds would ensure that only fit and proper auditors are involved in auditing the financial statements of public interest entities or schedule funds. This is in line with one the AOB strategic themes under the strategic framework which is to promote high quality audit practices.

As such, audit firms and individual auditors who are seeking registration with the AOB are required to make a declaration in the Registration Form 1 and Form 2 of the Auditor Registration Application System (ARAS) relating to their fit and proper status. Apart from that, the audit firms are required to submit information on their compliance with the International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC) 1 and Clarified ISAs. ARAS can be accessed at

An AOB registration is valid until and unless it is revoked or suspended by the AOB, or withdrawn. As long as the registration remains valid, the audit firm must ensure that the firm and the individual auditor(s) registered with AOB remain fit and proper at all times as required by the SCMA. The audit firm is also responsible to ensure timely update of information in ARAS, and is required to submit the Annual Declaration form via ARAS to AOB within seven (7) working days after 30 June of each calendar year.