A) Equity Crowdfunding (ECF)
Malaysia is the first country in ASEAN to introduce a regulatory framework to facilitate equity crowdfunding in 2015, with six registered equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform operators fully operationalised in 2016.

The ECF platforms provide an alternative venue for capital-raising to SMEs and innovative new businesses.

Platform Operator Contact Person Email

Platform Website

1. Ata Plus Aimi Aiza [email protected]


2. Crowdo Leo Shimada [email protected]


3. Crowdplus.Asia Andrew Tan [email protected]


4. Eureeca Chris Thomas [email protected]

5. Equity.pitchIN Sam Shafie [email protected]


6. FundedByMe Daniel Goettfert [email protected]


B) Peer-to-peer Financing (P2P)
P2P financing is a web-based innovation that broadens the ability of entrepreneurs and small business owners to unlock capital from a pool of individual investors in small amounts and provides a quick turnaround time to obtain financing for their businesses, through an online digital platform.

The SC announced the regulatory framework for P2P financing in 2016, and approved six P2P operators later in the year.

The P2P framework is part of SC’s on-going effort to provide greater access to market-based financing through the application of innovative technology solutions.

Platform Operator Contact Person Email

Platform Website

1. Nusa Kapital Umar Munshi [email protected]

2. Finpal Dr Lee Thean Seong [email protected]

3. Fundaztic Ng Wei Miem [email protected]


4. AlixCo Daniel Goettfert [email protected]

5. Funding Societies Wong Kah Meng [email protected]

6. QuicKash Ong Kooi Hooi [email protected]


Note: If you come across a Malaysian ECF and/or P2P website that is not on this list, please email us at [email protected]