Additional disclosure requirements for foreign corporations seeking listing in Malaysia

Foreign incorporated companies seeking listing in Malaysia must disclose in their prospectus material information such as differences in enforceability of laws, corporate information and risks associated with being regulated by other jurisdictions, as this would help investors in making informed decisions.

To enhance the disclosure requirements for such companies, the Securities Commission (SC) today released the ‘Prospectus Guidelines – Guidelines Supplement 1 for Listing of Foreign-Incorporated Companies’. The new guidelines take effect immediately and are to be read in conjunction with the existing Prospectus Guidelines on Public Offerings.

The listing of foreign incorporated companies in Malaysia was facilitated through the release of Guidance Notes 7A and 7B under the SC’s Policies and Guidelines on Issue/Offer of Securities on 19 September 2003.

The disclosure requirements, as set out under the guidelines are not exhaustive as persons involved in the preparation of the prospectus are expected to disclose all material information known to them. Investors are advised to read and understand all information disclosed in the prospectus prior to making their investment decision.

The Guidelines are available on the SC website here.


19 May 2004