Civil Actions in 2006
No Breach Defendant(s) Brief facts of the case
1. Failure to carry out a mandatory general offer (MO) pursuant to the Code on Take-overs and Mergers 1998 (Code)
  • Up & Famous Sdn Bhd (UFSB)
  • Dato’ Tee How Cut
  • Datin Teo Beng Hwa
  • Tee Tze Chern
  • Lim Kwee Hua
  • Tee Bee Leng
  • Lilly Tee


On 22 December 2006, SC filed a civil suit against the defendants, directing them to carry out a compensation scheme for failing to carry out a mandatory offer (MO) to the remaining shareholders of Takaso Resources Berhad (Takaso).As parties acting in concert, the defendants breached the Code in 2002 when they increased their interest in Takaso by more than 2% within 6 months and without undertaking a MO in Takaso.

The relief sought against the defendants require them to pay the amounts owed to the affected shareholders of Takaso by way of a compensation scheme. In the event they do not carry out the compensation scheme, the SC has sought consequential orders for enforcement and contempt of court.