Kuala Lumpur, 20 August 2009

SC investigates Locke and RBTR

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has launched an investigation into the activities of Locke Capital Investment (BVI) Ltd (Locke Capital) and Locke Guaranty Trust (NZ) Ltd (Locke Guaranty), as well as RBTR Asset Management Berhad (RBTR), a licensed fund manager. It has come to the SC’s attention that Locke Capital and Locke Guaranty have held themselves out as a fund manager in Malaysia in association with RBTR. The public is warned that Locke Capital and Locke Guaranty are not licensed by the SC to undertake any regulated activity in Malaysia including that of fund management.

The SC has directed RBTR to cease soliciting new funds from the public, either directly or through its representatives, until further notice. The SC had also appointed an independent auditor to examine the fund management activities of RBTR and to monitor the transactions of RBTR.

The SC would like to reiterate the importance of understanding the nature of a product or scheme and, more importantly, assessing the risks involved in an investment before investing. Investors are advised to be aware that all investments possess some level of risk.