Kuala Lumpur, October 4, 2005 – As part of its continued efforts to create a financially literate and educated investor community in Malaysia, the Securities Industry Development Centre (SIDC), the training and education arm of the Securities Commission (SC), launched its “IQ Intelligent Investing” Programme.

“The capital market has become more complex in the recent years with the advent of sophisticated investment products and strategies. It is therefore important for investors to find time to constantly update themselves and increase their knowledge to optimise their investments and minimise their risks, while protecting themselves from fraud,” said the SC Chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, who launched the programme.

He noted that there are still many people who need to understand and appreciate the rewards and risks of investing in the capital market. Equipped with the right knowledge, informed investors can make investment decisions that would best suit their risk appetites, and explore the potential of other highly viable opportunities.

Tan Sri Md Nor stressed that, ” Intelligent investors are important assets to the Malaysian capital market. They cannot afford to take a relaxed attitude with their investments if they want to reap the best rewards from their investment opportunities. Ultimately, investors must be responsible for their money and investment.”

The “IQ Intelligent Investing” programme will span three-years, and is divided into three phases targeted at different investing groups. The first phase of this programme targets novice investors; the second phase, intermediate or experienced investors; and the last phase, potential investors.

The “IQ Intelligent Investing” programme is an important initiative that will be further enhanced by the collaboration of capital market industries. A host of educational activities have been planned for this programme, which includes free investor seminars, exhibitions and free distribution of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions by Novice Investors’ booklet which spells out basic investment practices and principles in simple language.

SIDC will also be contributing a series of educational articles in major newspapers and selected magazines to further reach a wider pool of investors. Additionally, internet savvy investors would be able to learn more about wise investing at the SIDC Malaysian Investor website at

4 October 2005
Securities Industry Development Centre