SIDC organises Saturday Seminar to enhance investors’ knowledge on investment and risk management strategies

The Securities Industry Development Centre (SIDC) of the Securities Commission is organising a seminar on Investment and Risk Management Strategies for Investors on 12 April 2003 at the Renaissance Hotel, Malacca.

This seminar, part of the SIDC Saturday Seminar series, will provide participants with insights into the various forms of risk management strategies adopted by professional investment managers and how these strategies can be applied to minimise the risk of losses. The participants will also learn the types of investment risks and techniques in managing these risks, as well as how diversification can reduce the level of investment risks.

“Investors should recognise that investments carry both benefits as well as risks. It is important therefore, that they (the investors) manage investment risks properly so as to optimise the benefits from their investments,” said the Manager of SIDC, Teh Ija Jalil.

“When you diversify your investment portfolio into various sectors, asset classes or different industries, and at the same time, apply risk management strategies, you are systematically minimising the level of investment risks to your portfolio,” she said.

The seminar, to facilitate better appreciation of the subject matter, would also offer participants hands-on experience in risk management strategies for an investor’s portfolio and risk profile.

The seminar will be facilitated by Geoffrey Ng, Practice Leader of Asset Management Business Intelligence Sdn. Bhd (AMBIT), an information management and business intelligence best practice company on financial services.

Investors, dealers’ representatives, futures brokers’ representatives, academicians, company secretaries, financial analysts, financial planners, investment advisers, university students and members of the public are encouraged to attend this seminar. This seminar also carries 10 CPE-points, which dealer’s representatives and other categories of licensed representatives can accumulate for their licence renewal.

The registration fee is RM180. Interested parties may contact the SIDC Corporate Services at tel: (03)-6204 8669/8667, fax: (03)-6201 8008 or email at: [email protected].

9 April 2003