Talk on Investors’ Rights and Responsibilities in Kuantan

The Securities Industry Development Centre (SIDC) of the Securities Commission (SC), will organize the SIDC Saturday Seminar on Investors’ Rights and Responsibilities in the Malaysian Capital Market on 28 September at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kuantan.

The seminar’s objective is to educate investors of their rights and responsibilities as clients of stockbroking firms, as well as shareholders of public listed companies. Participants can expect to be enlightened on the rules and regulations governing the securities industry and their responsibilities as shareholders to promote corporate governance in the companies they invest in.

SIDC Manager, Puan Teh Ija Mohd Jalil said, “Investors will have greater confidence to participate in the capital market with better knowledge and awareness of their rights and responsibilities and thus, create a more sustainable market”.

Topics to be presented during the seminar range from shareholders’ rights and obligations, basics of contract laws to obligations and statutory reporting of a shareholder.

This Kuantan seminar will be facilitated by Mr. Bobby Chew, Manager, Legal Affairs Department of TA Securities Berhad. Investors, capital market professionals, dealers’ representatives, academicians and university students are encouraged to attend the seminar. The seminar also carries 10 CPE-points, which dealers’ representatives can accumulate for licence renewal this year.

Registration fee is RM180.00 per person. For further information, contact En. Noorhadi at tel: 03-6204 8660, fax: 03-6201 5811 or email to [email protected].

19 September 2002