Kuala Lumpur, 29 November 2012

Updated List of Shariah-compliant Securities by SC’s Shariah Advisory Council

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today released an updated list of Shariah-compliant securities approved by its Shariah Advisory Council (SAC).

The updated list, which will take effect on 30 November 2012, features a total of 817 Shariah-compliant securities. These counters constitute 89 per cent of the total 923 listed securities on Bursa Malaysia.

The list includes 13 newly classified Shariah-compliant securities and excludes five from the previous list issued in May 2012. It also indicates that Shariah-compliant securities are well represented in all sectors of industry (see tables attached).

The full list, which is updated twice a year, is now available here . The next updated list will be available in May 2013.