Details on prospectus

Offer Type : Initial Public Offering (“IPO”)
REIT : KIP Real Estate Investment Trust (“KIP REIT”)
Board : Main Market
Offer Price :
Shares :
NOTICE : This prospectus has yet to be registered by SC. You may view and/or download this prospectus to examine the accuracy of the information contained in this prospectus. Until such time when the prospectus has been registered, the information contained therein may be different from the registered prospectus . As such, final investment decisions should be based on the registered prospectus.

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  • Cover – Fees & Charges
(pdf – 3.02MB)
Detailed Information on KIP REIT (pdf – 458KB)
Business & Subject Properties (pdf – 1.71MB)
Particulars of the Offering (pdf – 855KB)
Financial Information (pdf – 1.88MB)
Risk Factors (pdf – 1.25MB)
The Manager (pdf – 1.24MB)
Background Information on the Promoters (pdf – 19KB)
The Trustee (pdf – 243KB)
The Property Manager (pdf – 732KB)
Salient Terms of the Deed (pdf – 472KB)
Corporate Governance (pdf – 118KB)
Approvals, Conditions, Waivers & Variations (pdf- 649KB)
Overview of Relevant Laws (pdf – 458KB)
Additional Information (pdf – 458KB)
Appendix A – Valuation Certificates (pdf – 4.03MB)
Appendix B – Independent Property Market Report (pdf – 6.57MB)
Appendix C – Letter on Taxation of KIP REIT (pdf – 477KB)
Appendix D – Pro Forma Statement (pdf – 373KB)
Appendix E – Accountants’ Letter (pdf – 899KB)
Appendix F – Procedure for Application & Acceptance (pdf – 1.77MB)

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