Details on prospectus

Offer Type : Initial Public Offering (“IPO”)
Company : Nova Wellness Group Berhad (“Nova Wellness”)
Board : ACE Market
Offer Price :
Shares : IPO of 82,000,000 ordinary shares in Nova wellness, comprising:

  • 16,000,000 ordinary shares available for application by the Malaysian Public;
  • 15,000,000 ordinary shares available for application by eligible directors, employees and business associates of Nova Wellness; and
  • 51,000,000 ordinary shares available for application by way of private placement to identified investors
NOTICE : This prospectus has yet to be registered by SC. You may view and/or download this prospectus to examine the accuracy of the information contained in this prospectus. Until such time when the prospectus has been registered, the information contained therein may be different from the registered prospectus . As such, final investment decisions should be based on the registered prospectus.

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  • Cover
  • Presentation of Financial and Other Information
  • Forward-Looking Statements
  • Definitions
  • Glossary of Technical Terms
(pdf – 512KB)
Corporate Directory (pdf – 80KB)
Information Summary (pdf – 260KB)
Details of Our IPO (pdf – 240KB)
Risk Factors (pdf – 420KB)
Information on Our Group (pdf – 79KB)
Business Overview (pdf – 1.39MB)
Industry Overview (pdf – 2.03MB)
Information on the Promoters, Substantial Shareholders, Directors and Key Management (pdf – 370KB)
Approvals and Conditions (pdf – 41KB)
Related Party Transactions and Conflicts of Interest (pdf – 158KB)
Financial Information (pdf – 1.03MB)
Accountant’s Report (pdf – 1.41MB)
Directors’ Report (pdf – 59KB)
Statutory and Other General Information (pdf – 247KB)
Procedures for Application and Acceptance (pdf – 308KB)
List of ADAS (pdf – 290KB)

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