Remuneration Survey of Directors and Employees of Listed Issuers
Step 1 (ComRep Admin): First time login and changing password
Step 2 (ComRep Admin): Edit identity details
Step 3 (ComRep Admin): Create 'Maker' and 'Approver'
Step 4 (Maker): Download client tool and category file
Step 5 (Maker): Filling in the repository template
Step 6 (Maker): Generate 'Instance Document'
Step 7 (Approver): Approve or reject 'Instance Document'
Employee Survey Calculator

  • The ComRep portal can be accessed via
  • For further enquiries on the Remuneration Survey, please contact 03-62048587
  • For further enquiries on the ComRep platform, please contact 03-62048494 or 03-62048698

HOTLINE: +603-6204 8000
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