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Details of prospectus
Company Name : Aurelius Technologies Berhad (“ATech”)
Proposal Type and Board : Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the Main Market
Principal Adviser(s) : Maybank Investment Bank Berhad
Principal Activity :

ATech and its subsidiary (“ATech Group”) are principally a provider of electronic manufacturing services focusing on industrial electronic products.

Shares to be issued/offered :

IPO of up to 103,870,000 ordinary shares in ATech (“IPO Shares”) in conjunction with the listing of and quotation for the entire enlarged issued ordinary shares in ATech (“Shares”) on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad comprising an offer for sale of up to 26,860,000 existing Shares and a public issue of 77,010,000 new Shares
(“Issue Shares”) involving:

  1. Institutional offering of up to 80,961,000 IPO Shares to Malaysian institutional and selected investors, including Bumiputera investors approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry at the institutional price to be determined by way of bookbuilding ("Institutional Price"); and
  2. Retail offering of 5,000,000 Issue Shares to the directors and eligible employees of ATech Group, persons who have contributed to the success of ATech Group and the Malaysian public at the retail price per Issue Share ("Retail Price"), payable in full upon application and subject to refund of the difference between the Retail Price and the Final Retail Price in the event that the Final Retail Price is less than the Retail Price,

subject to the clawback and reallocation provisions. The Final Retail Price will be equal to the lower of:

  1. the Retail Price per Issue Share; or
  2. the Institutional Price.
Date of Exposure : 2 August 2021
Download prospectus in separate files
  • Cover
  • Indicative Timetable
  • Table of Contents
  • Presentation of Financial and Other Information
  • Forward-Looking Statements
  • Definitions
  • Glossary of Technical Terms
(pdf - 728KB)
Corporate Directory (pdf - 276KB)
Introduction (pdf - 175KB)
Prospectus Summary (pdf - 431KB)
Details of Our IPO (pdf - 498KB)
Risk Factors (pdf - 337KB)
Information on Our Group (pdf - 208KB)
Business Overview (pdf - 2.81MB)
Industry Overview (pdf - 1.25MB)

Information on Promoters, Substantial Shareholders, Directors and Key Senior Management

(pdf - 586KB)
Related Party Transactions (pdf - 209KB)
Conflict of Interest (pdf - 127KB)
Financial Information (pdf - 2.68MB)
Accountants' Report (pdf - 1.88MB)
Additional Information (pdf - 227KB)

Summarised Procedures for Application and Acceptance

(pdf - 216KB)

Annexure A: By-Laws for the ESS

(pdf - 468KB)

Annexure B: Certificate of Valuation of an Industrial Complex Occuppied by BCM Electronics Located at Plot 21, Jalan Hi-Tech 4, Industrial Zone Phase 1, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09090 Kulim, Kedah

(pdf - 611KB)


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