Publication on Take-overs Decisions and Other Relevant Matters
Date Subject Relevant take-over provisions Documents
10 April 2019 Public criticism in relation to breaches of the dealing restruction and dealing disclosure obligations during the offer period for Hopewell Holdings Limited Rule 21.2 and 22
The information contained within this publication is made available by the SC to educate and instil a general understanding of the regulation of take-overs. It is not to provide specific legal advice. Such information should not be treated as a comprehensive collection of all documentation relating to the relevant take-overs provisions being assessed. As such, parties must not treat this publication as a substitute for seeking qualified advice concerning specific scenarios. In cases of doubt, parties should consult an adviser listed in the Approved List under the Principal Adviser Guidelines or the SC to ensure compliance with the regulation of take-overs. The SC will not be held liable for the use or reliance of any opinion, finding or information in this publication.
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