Parties Involved in CPE
The CPE framework will involve several parties namely the CPE Secretariat, Licensing Department of the Securities Commission, the Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) holders, Registered Persons, the Capital Markets Services Representatives License (CMSRL) holders and Employees of Registered Persons (ERPs).
  • The CPE Secretariat including its governing bodies namely the Advisory Group and the Working Committee are responsible for the general CPE framework including the processing of CPE points applications for CMSRL holders and ERPs, applications to obtain CPE approved status for training providers and their capital market related courses as well as ensuring quality control on CPE related matters through an internal monitoring system.
  • The Licensing Department provides input on licensing requirements and verifies CPE points fulfillment by the CMSRL holders during the information submission exercise as required on every anniversary date of their licences.
  • The CMSLs or the Registered Persons are given the task of determining the training needs of the CMSRL holders and ERPs respectively, monitoring their CPE requirements and providing the necessary attestation on the CMSRL holders’ and ERPs’ CPE compliance respectively.

Each of the CMSRL holders and ERPs would also be equally responsible to determine their own training needs. They are also free to select and conduct any of the CPE recognised activities that suit their own professional development needs for the purpose of fulfilling their CPE requirements.

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