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 was represented as a panellist at the Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd’s (MAVCAP) Accelerating Venture event in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2023. The panel session, ‘Does Gender Matter in the Digital World’, discussed opportunities and challenges faced by women in the workforce, the participation of women in leadership positions, and the collective effort required to close gender gaps and break gender biases in the fintech industry.
Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Investors
The SC and the Association of Trust Companies, Malaysia (ATCM) continued to co-host the Bond and Sukuk Trustee Forum, the second in its series. The forum marked a significant milestone for the Malaysian bonds and sukuk industry and was first convened in 2021 as a response to the global pandemic and its disruptions to the economic and financial landscape.
The second iteration of the forum, held on 12 May 2023 at the SC, gathered 35 representatives from various trustee companies involved in Malaysia’s bond and sukuk market. The SC Chairman, Dato’ Seri Dr. Awang Adek Hussin delivered the welcoming address at the forum, highlighting the crucial role played by bond and sukuk trustees in ensuring compliance and protecting investors’ interests in the bond and sukuk market.
The forum included participation by the SC together with the bonds and sukuk trustees. The discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalisation in the bond and sukuk market. The
forum attendees also had the opportunity to share their insights on the duties and liabilities of the board of directors of trustee companies.
The forum provided a platform for bonds and sukuk trustees to gain a deeper understanding of their responsibilities. It also embodied the SC’s commitment to being a facilitative, transparent, and engaging regulator. Continuous engagements with the bonds and sukuk trustees enable the SC to formulate policies that address challenges faced by stakeholders and foster continuous growth and development of the bond and sukuk market.
Building Technological Resilience
The cyber security landscape has evolved rapidly, with the likelihood of cyber-attacks growing substantially with each passing year as cyber criminals deploy increasingly sophisticated tactics. In response to this, the SC maintains a vigilant approach to monitor threats and incidents, and adopt a proportionate stance in managing cyber incidents effectively.
The SC through the CMCS exercise remains steadfast in its overarching objective to instil preparedness and proficiency among participating entities, equipping them with the agility to respond promptly and the resilience to recover effectively when confronted with cyber incidents and escalation procedures. The scenarios presented are tailored to mirror the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, ensuring that participants engage in an interactive and instructive event.

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