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 Institutionalising Shariah Governance
 SC Nadwah of Shariah Advisers in Islamic Capital Market
The SC’s inaugural Nadwah of Shariah Advisers in Islamic Capital Market 2023 (SC Nadwah) was held with the industry, committee members, the SC-registered Shariah advisers, and ICM stakeholders. The event underscores the SC’s dedication to advancing applied Shariah knowledge and fostering innovative Shariah solutions within the ICM fraternity.
The SC Nadwah provided participants with insights into the latest resolutions of the SC Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) and regulatory updates in the ICM. It also focused on enhancing the professionalism and competence of Shariah advisers by facilitating interactive panel sessions. In line with the SC’s objective of expanding the Shariah advisers’ community, the SC Nadwah will continue to be held annually moving forward.
  Building a Sustainable Capital Market
Essential for the SC’s endeavours in crafting SRI policies and fostering a sustainable capital market is its active engagement with various stakeholders including public policymakers. These engagements ensure alignment between the SRI strategic objectives with broader national policies and commitments towards sustainable development and climate goals.
Joint Committee on Climate Change
The Joint Committee on Climate Change (JC3), in which the SC and BNM are Co-Chairs, continues to actively engage and collaborate with relevant ministries and government agencies as well as industry associations to encourage greater alignment in the financial sector’s response to climate-related risks with national and business strategies. Such engagements were conducted through platforms such as meetings, outreach sessions, and conferences. Notably, two outreach sessions were held in June and November 2023 respectively to provide a platform for industry players to share their experiences on their net-zero journey in supporting Malaysia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

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