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  NaviGate: Capital Market Green Financing Series
To create greater awareness among businesses on green and sustainable financing, the SC continued to organise the NaviGate: Capital Market Green Financing Series in 2023. Since its inception in 2021, a total of nine programmes have been organised including three programmes held within Malaysia in 2023.
In conjunction with CMM’s Corporate
Sustainability Day, the SC held its first 2023
NaviGate programme in March and May 2023
in Johor Bahru and Penang, respectively. These
programmes aimed to increase awareness among public and private sector industry players on capital market financing opportunities for sustainability-related purposes and create greater connectivity between businesses and the capital market. The SC’s SRI and SRI-linked Sukuk, ASEAN’s Green, Social, Sustainability, and Sustainability-linked Bonds, and alternative financing avenues such as ECF and P2P financing platforms to facilitate financing for green, social, and sustainability purposes were featured during these programmes.
The third NaviGate Programme was held in Kuala Lumpur in May 2023, in conjunction with the CMM’s ESG week. The programme focused on creating awareness on financing sustainability through the bonds and sukuk market and highlighted the SRI-linked sukuk and bonds. It featured a presentation on sustainability-related sukuk and bonds as well as a sharing session by capital market experts on their experiences in raising SRI and SRI-linked Sukuk and Bonds. A representative from Bursa Malaysia also spoke on the necessity of SRI reporting to elevate the sustainability practices and disclosures of listed issuers, whose components may also be used as key performance indicators under the SRI-linked sukuk and sustainability-linked bonds structure. These three programmes attracted more than 290 participants representing MSMEs, corporates and various agencies.
Fostering International Awareness of SRI
To further enhance the profiling of SRI internationally, the SC participated as speakers at various sustainability events throughout 2023 such as the Islamic Sustainable Finance & Investment Dialogues held in Dubai on 16 March 2023 and the 9th Annual Conference on the Principles organised by International Capital Market Association (ICMA) in Singapore on 28 June 2023 as well as Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Sustainable Finance Policy Conference in Japan on 3 October 2023. Notably, during the dialogues in Dubai, the session on ‘Positioning ESG and Sustainable Finance and Investment – Policy, Regulation and Action’ discussed among others the implications for the Islamic sustainable financial services sector following the introduction of various regulatory taxonomies, frameworks, and standards.

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