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                                PART 5 ORGANISATION INFORMATION
electricity costs and a substantial reduction in GHG emissions. Transitioning the SC’s vehicle fleet away from conventional fossil fuel vehicles towards hybrid and electric models will further reduce GHG emissions and serve as a public commitment to sustainable practices.
The SC will also introduce waste management processes to track and manage the SC’s waste, and conduct an energy audit to assess the efficiency of its existing equipment and systems.
The SC has integrated GHG management within its processes and will continue to monitor its GHG emissions, as well as consider other abatement levers in the medium to long-term to maximise energy efficiency and further reduce its environmental footprint. This may include considering other green energy sources, rainwater harvesting and building-integrated photovoltaics (BiPV), among others.
Social issues and the impact entities have on society and the environment have taken on greater prominence in recent years. While environmental and governance aspects often receive the most attention, the SC is committed towards holistic sustainability, emphasising responsible social practices within the organisation and the capital market.
The SC’s SFI social pillar strategy is anchored on the following overarching themes:
Several carbon conscious initiatives were introduced in 2023 to increase staff awareness on sustainability practices and to encourage greener living. This includes composting workshops, guided eco-walks and upcycling workshops. The SC now has its very own compost heaps, grown and maintained by the SC’s gardeners.
  In respect of its employees, the SC aims to develop activities that will promote a sustainability culture across the SC, focusing on the health, safety and well-being of staff. This will help foster a positive work environment while attracting and retaining top talent, ultimately contributing to the SC’s long-term success as an organisation.
Kloth Cares bins have also been placed within the SC’s premises to encourage staff to donate pre-loved fabric- based items, including clothing, accessories, footwear, and household textiles.
       Employer of choice
Foster financial literacy
Responsible corporate citizen

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