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                                organisations. These opportunities enabled them to gain greater learning, broaden work experience, expand networking opportunities, and inculcate knowledge- sharing.
Realising that there is a need to create greater awareness of the wide range of career opportunities available in the capital markets, the SC spearheaded a talent inculcation programme called investED. investED is a large-scale, multi-faceted three-year capacity-building programme that aims to enhance the capital market knowledge of students, creating job opportunities for graduates, enhancing the leadership skills among graduates, and offering them job placement opportunities. A total of 171 trainees were recruited for the first cohort and they commenced their classroom learning session at the Asia School of Business for a month and thereafter were successfully placed in designated participating organisations. A total of 49 organisations within the capital market fraternity participated in the placement exercise.
Participating in learning and development interventions provides the opportunity for employees to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, it is crucial to stay abreast with new technologies, trends, and best practices so they can stay ahead of the curve. Participation of the SC employees in learning and development interventions recorded an increase from 93% in 2022 to 99.8% in 2023. This reflects the organisation’s commitment to its employees’ professional growth and development.
Cyber security awareness is a critical aspect of leading in the digital era, as reliance on technology creates a potential risk to cyber threats. Cyber security awareness helps employees understand the potential risks and threats from cyber attacks, safeguards sensitive information and protects organisational reputation. The SC takes cyber security seriously and believe that the responsibility for safeguarding digital assets lies with every employee within the organisation. In line with the SC’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its cyber defenses and protect valuable data, the SC rolled out a Cyber Security Awareness Programme, which is mandatory for all employees to participate. It is with great hope that implementing regular training and awareness programmes on the subject matter can significantly improve the SC’s overall security posture.
Digital technology is constantly evolving, as such digital -related learning programme equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage technology effectively and become proficient in using digital tools and platforms. As part of the SC’s strategy to enhance employees’ digital forensic capabilities and to better handle digital evidence during an investigation, an e-discovery solution will be adopted to process, identify, review, and analyse digital evidence. Six employees have gone through a certification programme which was intended to enhance their expertise in digital investigation.

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