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     Enhancing the fundraising and investment ecosystem
• Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SME Corp to boost micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) access to capital markets, aiming to develop 200 capital market-ready MSMEs by 2026
• Introduced accelerated transfer process to facilitate promotion of eligible ACE Market listed companies to the Main Market to enhance overall equity market attractiveness
• Launched investED to attract Malaysian fresh graduates and nurture local talent within the capital market industry
 Empowering investors through expanding access to the capital market
• Introduced fractional share trading to enhance accessibility to the stock market
• Introduced the Foreign Exempt Scheme Framework to broaden access to foreign funds and provide more options for sophisticated investors
• Provided flexibilities for secondary listing of foreign exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Bursa Malaysia to enhance participation in the domestic ETF market
• Expanded advisory channels to provide dealer representatives with more flexibility in offering advisory-related services
 Addressing the stakeholder economy
• Issued the Sustainable and Responsible Investment Guide for Private Markets (SRI Guide for Private Markets) to incorporate sustainability in the investment process of private markets
• Established an inter-agency Advisory Committee on Sustainability Reporting (ACSR) to develop the National Sustainability Reporting Framework
• Published the Simplified ESG Disclosure Guide (SEDG) for SMEs in Supply Chains to guide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in making necessary disclosures for exports
 Fortifying leadership in the ICM
• Issued the Maqasid Al-Shariah Guidance Islamic Capital Market Malaysia (Guidance) to strengthen the competitive edge of the ICM and bolster its societal and economic impact
• Introduced FIKRA ACE, the enhanced Islamic fintech accelerator to expand the Islamic fintech sector and cultivate its talent pool
• Introduced the Shariah Mentorship Programme to create a continuous talent pipeline of Shariah advisers to meet the specific needs of the ICM industry
 Prioritising investor protection
• Continued investor education initiatives to raise public awareness of the capital market through the 10th instalment of InvestSmart® Fest in 2023 and Bersama InvestSmart® @ Penang 2023
• Established a Task Force on Scams and Unlicensed Activities to co-ordinate the SC’s anti-scam intervention approaches, which included initiatives such as:
• Enhanced the SC’s Investor Alert List page
• Developed the Investment Checker tool
and Scam Meter on the SC’s website
 Enhancing technology and cyber resilience
• Introduced the Guidelines on Technology Risk Management to provide comprehensive regulatory framework for managing technology risk in capital market entities
• Conducted supervisory assessment on selected capital market participants on the resilience of their cyber and technology risk management
• Granted approvals-in-principle (AIPs) to three local Digital Asset Custodians (DACs) to strengthen the protection of digital assets
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