Expanding Breadth, Innovation and Competitiveness of Market

Broadening capital market access continues to be an important driver in expanding the breadth, innovation and competitiveness of the Malaysian capital market. At the same time, effective capital market access requires alignment with development within the larger stakeholder economy and the creation of an ecosystem that would drive business sustainability across all segments of the Malaysian capital market.

In this context, the SC carried out developmental efforts to ensure that the market would continue on the path of sustainable economic recovery and growth within an inclusive stakeholder environment.

Towards creating an investment and funding ecosystem that is relevant, efficient and diversified, the SC had introduced flexibilities and facilitated innovation, aimed at expanding investment options and access, as well as enhancing the efficiency of the public markets.

As the demand for digital and online services grew, the capital market continued to witness encouraging growth via digital innovation and the introduction of new business models; allowing intermediaries, businesses and investors to benefit from accessibility, efficiency, transparency and convenience.

The concept of stakeholder economy emphasises long-term value creation – one where businesses assume greater responsibilities beyond short-term profits and account for the needs of stakeholders, ranging from shareholders, employees and business partners to the environment, society, and community.

The SC continued to strengthen ICM’s value proposition through widening access to Shariah-compliant funding, instilling greater impetus for Islamic social finance, and encouraging Islamic fintech growth.

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