Maintaining Market Integrity & Protecting Investors

Market integrity is pivotal in reinforcing proper standards of market conduct and driving market stability. In 2021, the SC continued to focus its regulatory efforts in ensuring that the market remained agile, resilient and responsive on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SC continued to closely monitor emerging systemic risks and implemented various regulatory initiatives that aimed at protecting investors’ and stakeholders’ interests.

In order to uphold high standards of governance among market participants and ensure orderly functioning of the capital market, the SC’s supervisory approach and focus over intermediaries, institutions and markets were also strengthened, supported by enforcement actions for serious breach of securities laws.

Despite improvement in the global financial market conditions following good inoculation rates against COVID-19 and resumption of economic activities, threats such as the emergence of new COVID-19 variants continued to bring uncertainties to the global and domestic capital market.

The SC continued to apply various interventions to
inculcate good corporate governance culture and
practices across the market ecosystem, including
directors, shareholders and gatekeepers. 

Proactive and robust surveillance and supervisory function and capabilities are important to ensure proper conduct and practices by market participants while maintaining trust in the capital market.

While the SC welcomes digital innovations which are beneficial to the capital market, it is also cognisant of the potential risks associated with the digital space.

To balance market integrity with proportionality as well as ensure effective and credible deterrence, the enforcement strategy pursued in 2021 was focused on achieving swift, effective and targeted outcomes

In ensuring that investors are able to make informed financial and investment decisions, the SC continued to prioritise investor empowerment initiatives through investor education programmes.

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