Chairman's Message

Despite increased global market volatility and headwinds, the Malaysian capital market remained resilient in 2022, with total funds raised hitting a record high of RM179.4 billion.

As Chairman of the Securities Commission Malaysia, it is with great pleasure that I present our Annual Report for the year 2022.

Malaysia’s RM3.6 trillion capital market remained resilient in 2022, a year marked by heightened global market volatility and strong headwinds across multiple asset classes. In fact, total funds raised of RM179.4 billion is the highest ever, led by a record amount of corporate bond and sukuk issuances. Exchange-traded derivatives also registered a record volume of 18.8 million lots traded. However, overall weaker valuations resulted in a dip of assets under management (AUM) to RM906.5 billion.

These contrasting observations highlight the delicate balance between pursuing growth and adopting prudence in the face of uncertainties. Continued trust and confidence in Malaysia’s fundraising and investment environment depends on how these elements are managed by market stakeholders.

I also feel strongly that it is important for the SC to engage and communicate transparently. Dialogues and consultations are useful channels to set expectations on both regulatory and developmental matters. Investor engagement is another crucial aspect to ensure well-informed and empowered investors that are less vulnerable to scams and other unlicensed activities.
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