Strategic Engagement with Stakeholders

Strategic stakeholder engagement is one of the key aspects of the SC’s commitment towards an inclusive development of the Malaysian capital market. It is integral to ensuring that all stakeholders’ interests are considered in the formulation of policies and the implementation of developmental initiatives.

In 2022, greater emphasis was placed on strategic engagements with all key stakeholders including market participants, intermediaries, industry associations, other regulatory authorities, businesses, investors, the government (ministries, state governments and agencies), universities, the media, as well as the SC employees. A stakeholder mapping process was applied to identify and categorise stakeholders according to their areas of interest and tailor the engagement process to ensure that the SC was meeting their needs and expectations.

Consistent and constant communication with stakeholders via consultations, one-on-one meetings, dialogues and briefings is key to facilitating the effective discharge of the SC’s roles and responsibilities.

Such engagements enable the SC to formulate facilitative policies, promote a robust regulatory framework, and encourage continuous growth and development of the capital market. This will generate more positive outcomes and align with the SC’s mission to promote a fair, efficient, and transparent capital market.

Internally, the SC continued to hold employee engagements and staff discussions, which helped further promote a high-performing culture and a positive working environment.

One of the highlights of the year was the annual SC Industry Dialogue (SCID). The SCID series, which began in 2012, serves as a key platform for the SC to undertake robust engagements with market participants and industry associations on developments, potential opportunities, and emerging risks in the capital market.

The SC’s stakeholder engagements at the international level serve to lend Malaysia’s voice to global policymaking in capital markets, support the country’s trade and economic agenda and contribute to regional connectivity within ASEAN.

Critical to the SC’s efforts to build attractive SRI policies and promote a sustainable capital market, are engagements with public policymakers to ensure that the SRI strategic priorities are in line with the overarching national policies and commitments to sustainable development and climate targets.

As a global leader for the ICM, the SC continues to advance ICM stakeholder engagements and leverage Malaysia’s prominent ICM thought leadership.

The media plays an important role in shaping public perceptions and opinions. The SC stepped up media engagements in 2022 through editors’ luncheons, news conferences and media briefings.

Our people are our greatest asset, and it is vital that the SC continues to attract and retain talent as we foster a high-performing organisation and an inclusive culture.

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