Chairman's Message

2023 heralds the SC’s 30th anniversary, reflecting our maturity and resilience. With this, we remain committed to ensuring the continued vitality of the capital market, enhancing its efficiency, competitiveness, and accessibility for all.

As the Chairman of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), I am pleased to present our 2023 Annual Report. As reflected in the front cover of this Annual Report, 2023 holds special significance as it marks the 30th anniversary of the SC, a major milestone that underscores the growing maturity and resilience of this institution.

To commemorate our three decades, we have published and launched Capital Market in Malaysia – Past, Present, and Future. This book, drawing insights from SC Chairmen from its inception to the present, and senior SC staff as well as key stakeholders, charts the evolution of Malaysia’s capital market. It highlights past challenges and how these were overcome, and projects future trends in the capital market. The book also encapsulates our dedication to fostering a resilient and progressive capital market.
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