Strategic Engagements with Stakeholders

The continuous development of the Malaysian capital market is an effort that requires strong synergies between multiple parties. In that spirit, the SC remains committed to strategic stakeholder engagements, ensuring an inclusive process whereby the needs and interests of all parties are considered when formulating policies and implementing developmental initiatives.

Throughout 2023, the SC actively engaged with a wide network of key stakeholders within Malaysia and beyond, encompassing market participants, financial intermediaries, industry associations, regulatory authorities, businesses, investors, government officials, standard setting bodies, general public and the media. A stakeholder mapping process was applied to categorise the needs of stakeholders, allowing the SC to engage with them appropriately as it strives to be facilitative and respond efficiently to their needs. The SC leveraged multiple platforms to carry out these engagements, ensuring consistent and constant communication with stakeholders via consultations, meetings, dialogues, and briefings, among others.

Indeed, it is the SC’s core belief that the formulation of facilitative and effective policies for the sustained growth of the domestic capital market as well as balanced regulation come only from a deep understanding of the industry and strong collaboration with all relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem.

The SC embarked on a Perception Survey to garner greater insights as to how the SC is perceived by its key stakeholders. This was one of the initiatives taken in 2023 to enable the SC to better evaluate and diagnose further refinement of its policies and approaches.

Throughout 2023, the SC continued to engage with various stakeholders towards enhancing shared ambitions and stewardship for the capital market. These opportunities to establish and nurture closer ties with key stakeholders enable the SC to establish facilitative policies, a robust regulatory framework, and foster continuous capital market growth and development.

The SC holds steadfast to the principle that an open and engaging regulator is essential to the development of effective and efficient capital market policies. As such, the SC continued to cultivate a facilitative and inclusive financing ecosystem for all, in line with efforts to foster a more developed Malaysian capital market.

As a global leader for the ICM, the SC continues to advance ICM stakeholder engagements and leverage Malaysia’s prominent ICM thought leadership. In tandem with the tenets of social and responsible finance, the SC also strives to promote a sustainable capital market.

In our efforts to maintain a strong presence on the global front, the SC has established a wide international network with foreign policymakers, regulatory counterparts, multilateral organisations, and market participants through participation in various international fora.

The SC’s investor education initiatives, via InvestSmart® and various initiatives leveraged digital media, television, and radio to conduct public outreach, with the objective of increasing investment literacy and public awareness of unlicensed activities and scams.

The SC’s commitment to fostering transparency, openness, and trust has been demonstrated through its robust media engagement activities throughout the year. In 2023, the SC issued 58 media releases, hosted eight press conferences and background briefings, and conducted 25 interviews with various media outlets. These efforts aim to ensure that accurate and timely information about the SC’s initiatives and decisions are disseminated to the public.

The SC’s greatest assets are its people. Cultivating a positive, supportive, and inclusive work environment that values its talent and employees is key to being a high-performance organisation. Its internal engagements, some of which are featured here, serve to foster a deeper sense of togetherness and propel the staff towards the achievement of the SC’s vision and mission for years to come.

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