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In our efforts to maintain a strong presence on the global front, the SC has established a wide international network with foreign policymakers, regulatory counterparts, multilateral organisations, and market participants through participation in various international fora.
Besides supporting Malaysia’s trade and economic agenda, the fostering of robust multilateral ties allows us to closely align domestic regulatory and market developments with international best practices and standards, thereby enhancing the relevance and competitiveness of the Malaysian capital market.
 International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)
In 2023, the SC continued to play an active role in IOSCO, an international securities regulation standard- setter whose membership regulates more than 95% of the world’s capital markets in approximately 130 jurisdictions. As a member of the IOSCO Board, the SC is well-placed at the forefront of global regulatory discussions and policymaking and is able to gain relevant insights into emerging regulatory issues impacting global capital markets while contributing to international thought leadership.
This leadership position enables the SC to also raise issues of concern affecting the Malaysian capital market and other emerging markets and ensure there is an appreciation of these issues in the development of international policy recommendations. Discussions at the IOSCO Board include issues impacting investor protection, market integrity and systemic risks such as sustainable finance, digital assets and decentralised finance, enforcement co-operation, and retail market conduct.
Within IOSCO, the SC is an active member of various task forces and policy committees such as sustainable finance, fintech, secondary markets, emerging risks, retail investors and the Assessment Committee2. Through these task forces and working groups, the SC is able to gain insights and tap into the experience and expertise of other markets, as well as to profile its domestic developmental and regulatory efforts in relevant areas.
Notably, the SC organised two workshops. On 10 February 2023, the SC as a member of the IOSCO Committee on Emerging Risks (CER) was involved in a roundtable session with stakeholders from the PE, private credit and asset management industries to exchange perspectives on private finance. In addition, on 15 November 2023, the SC also shared insights on the digital asset landscape in Malaysia in a meeting with the IOSCO Committee on Retail Investors, as Committee 8 focused its efforts on crypto-assets and retail investor protection.
IOSCO’s Assessment Committee is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of IOSCO’s Principles and Standards across its membership.

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