Page 124 - SC SCAR 2023 ENGLISH Flipbook
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  ASEAN Socialisation Activities
The SC participated in various capacity building and socialisation events in relation to the fora that it is involved in at the ASEAN level. These mainly related to the SC’s role as Co-Chair of the ACMF’s SFWG, and the Chair of ATB’s Working Group on Market Facing and Resourcing. These included participating in side-events and panel sessions in Indonesia organised throughout 2023 by the Indonesian authorities during their ASEAN Chairmanship, as well as international organisations such as the ADB and the ASEAN-Korea Centre.
Highlights included the webinar on ‘The ASEAN Taxonomy: Facilitating a Just Energy Transition’ held by the ATB on 9 June 2023 to introduce the ASEAN Taxonomy Version 2, highlighting its unique features that enable alignment to international taxonomies while serving the needs of ASEAN. The event attracted more than 370 attendees throughout ASEAN and beyond.
The SC presented the ASEAN Taxonomy Version 2, which was followed by a panel session discussing energy transition in ASEAN and the role of the ASEAN Taxonomy in guiding climate finance, with participants from the Sustainable Finance Institute Asia, ADB, the International Capital Market Association and the Global Financial Alliance for Net Zero.
On 17 October 2023, the SC Chairman Dato Seri Dr. Awang Adek Hussin participated in the ACMF International Conference 2023 'Transitioning Towards Sustainable Capital Markets: The ACMF Perspective’, which was organised by OJK in Bali. During the session on ‘Capital Market Development: A Conversation with ACMF Leaders’, the SC Chairman shared capital market developments in Malaysia as well as the work of the ACMF’s SFWG to further the sustainability agenda in ASEAN.

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