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      COMMUNCATION AND OUTREACH Investor Education and Awareness
The SC’s investor education initiatives, via InvestSmart® and various initiatives leveraged digital media, television, and radio to conduct public outreach, with the objective of increasing investment literacy and public awareness of unlicensed activities and scams. These efforts are carried out through multiple digital platforms to better reach Malaysians and provide timely notifications, reminders, and guidance to prevent the public from falling prey to unlicensed activities and scams. On-the-ground interaction with investors is another critical component of InvestSmart® and is a key part of campaigns engaging both urban and rural communities across Malaysia. InvestSmart®’s on-the-ground activities includes InvestSmart® @SC, face-to-face engagements, InvestSmart® collaborative events with strategic partners such as BNM’s Karnival Kewangan, Minggu Saham Amanah by Permodalan Nasional Malaysia (PNB), Bursa Marketplace and many more.
Furthermore, InvestSmart® organises its very own large-scale annual flagship event that serves to provide and nurture investors with investment knowledge, helping them participate in the capital market while being safeguarded from scams and illegal schemes. There are two such events conducted annually: the first event, usually held earlier in 2023, is organised outside of Klang Valley while the latter is within.
 InvestSmart® Fest 2023
The SC through its investor empowerment initiative, InvestSmart® organised its annual flagship investor education event, InvestSmart® Fest 2023 (ISF 2023) from 17 to 19 November 2023 at Hall 4, KL Convention Centre. The ISF 2023 aimed to promote investor confidence to enable informed investment decisions without falling victim to scams.
This was the 10th instalment of the event with the theme ‘Sedekad Memperkasa Rakyat Malaysia’. The theme was deemed apt as importance was placed on empowering the Malaysian public to be a smart investor at a time when investments scams are rampant.

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