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  Face-to-Face Digital Clinic for Urban B40 Including Seniors – Klinik Silap Labur Duit Lebur
The SC collaborated with Pepper Labs Sdn Bhd, a social enterprise experienced in engaging with marginalised and B40 communities, and micro-entrepreneurs to run this programme, which was designed to primarily create awareness on scams and unlicensed activities promoted online via social media platforms. Given the success of Phase 1 in 2022, Phase 2 of the programme commenced on 28 November 2023, involving at least 2,000 participants from the B40 population in the Klang Valley. Phase 2 is expected to be completed by 30 June 2024.
             Program Agen Bijak Labur Desa
The SC also engaged with the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKDW) to leverage KKDW’s existing initiatives with rural communities. In particular, the SC is working through the ministry’s 191 Pusat Komuniti Desa (PKD) to roll out the Agen Bijak Labur Desa (ABJAD) Phase 2 programme for adults from rural communities nationwide. ABJAD is an investor education initiative by InvestSmart® targeting the non-urban population in Malaysia. The objectives of ABJAD are, among others, to:
• Create financially literate rural communities by enhancing their awareness on scams and illegal schemes, thus empowering them to safeguard their own wealth;
• Broaden the awareness of rural communities in relation to investment products to build their wealth; and
• Improve the digital literacy of the rural population to encourage the use of technology particularly in relation to digital financial services and to ensure that they are well-equipped to face certain challenges (such as the COVID-19 pandemic).
In addition to engaging with KKDW, the SC also engaged with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to assist in identifying 20 rural secondary schools nationwide to participate in ABJAD Phase 2. Using a ‘train-the-trainers’ approach, teachers and students from the identified schools, and managers from these PKD centres are trained to be ‘Agents of Change’ in spreading anti-scam awareness to family members and other adults in their communities, respectively. The SC also
participated in KKDW events such as the Pusat Komuniti Desa Mobile Negeri Perak 2023 and Simposium Penyelidikan KKDW Tahun 2023 which act as avenues for the SC to engage and conduct knowledge sharing with rural folks, including community leaders.

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