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  Program Celik Kewangan InvestSmart® @SC
After a hiatus of over three years since the COVID-19 pandemic, the SC brought back its quarterly half-day on-the-ground financial literacy seminars for the public. These seminars expose participants to knowledge relating to effective financial management, investing, and ways to avoid being victims of scams. In 2023, a total of four seminars were held at the SC:
• The first seminar involved Projek Belia Mahir, a non-governmental organisation which mobilises efforts to help youth categorised as NEET (Not in Employment, Education & Training) attain higher education and skills training (TVET). The seminar on 16 March 2023, held in conjunction with the OECD’s Global Money Week 2023 involved the participation of over 100 NEET youth trainees and trainers from Projek Belia Mahir.
• The second seminar included a collaboration with the Selangor Department of Social Welfare (JKM) for seniors aged 55 years and above. The event was held on 22 June 2023 and served 72 members of the Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas (PAWE) from all over Selangor.
• The third seminar on 30 August 2023 was held in collaboration with two non-governmental organisations namely Pertubuhan Hal Ehwal Wanita dan Keluarga Malaysia (HAWA) and Pepper Labs Sdn Bhd, and was attended by 109 participants comprising women from the B40 group.
• The final seminar on 31 October 2023 was held in collaboration with Institut Aminuddin Baki, and was attended by 62 participants comprising school principals and headmasters from the Klang Valley. Concurrently, the half-day seminar was also shown live on InvestSmart®’s YouTube as part of InvestSmart® Online Series in Q4 2023, with 193 views.

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