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  InvestSmart® @ Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia’s Online Webinar
On 21 March 2023, the SC was invited as a speaker at FIMM online webinar titled ‘Investing Responsibly and with Confidence’. The other speakers included the SIDC and FIMM. The webinar attracted 389 attendees.
InvestSmart® @ Financial Literacy for Youth’s Malaysian Youth Finance Series 2023
Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY) is an initiative started by students for students to spread awareness on the importance of knowledge in finance. The Malaysian Youth Finance Series (MYFS) is FLY’s annual flagship event, with 2023’s theme, ‘Crisis Management and Sustainability’, aimed at providing the Malaysian youth with a deep-dive into ESG as well as resource-management.
The SC, as the Co-Chair of the Financial Education Network (FEN) was invited to give a keynote address during the launch on 19 March 2023. The SC’s InvestSmart® team and BNM’s team organised a booth under the FEN banner. The event attracted 100 attendees.
InvestSmart® @ Ministry of Higher Education OECD Global Money Week 2023 Launch
The SC’s InvestSmart® team participated in the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) OECD Global Money Week (GMW) launch event on 20 March 2023. The event was held at the MOHE building in Putrajaya. During the half-day session, the InvestSmart® team took the opportunity to engage with MOHE officers and spread awareness on scams and unlicensed activities.
InvestSmart® @ BNM Karnival Celik Kewangan
The SC, together with other FEN members, was invited to be part of the FEN’s booth at the BNM’s Karnival Celik Kewangan Kelantan held from 16 to 17 March 2023 at AEON Mall, Kota Bharu. The event was in line with BNM’s blueprint, which emphasises the importance of financial inclusion and financial literacy. The SC was also invited to be a panellist at a pocket talk with BNM on sharing cyber-hygiene tips in order to avoid falling victim to financial scams. The event attracted over 20,000 visitors.

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