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The SC’s greatest assets are its people. Cultivating a positive, supportive, and inclusive work environment that values its talent and employees is key to being a high-performance organisation. Its internal engagements, some of which are featured here, serve to foster a deeper sense of togetherness and propel the staff towards the achievement of the SC’s vision and mission for years to come.
Business Planning – Townhall and Management Offsite
Following from the introduction of the inaugural three- year Business Plan 2023-2025 held in 2022, townhall sessions were held to apprise SC staff of its new direction, as well as the 2023 Corporate Scorecard. The Business Plan and Corporate Scorecard aim to ensure a sharper focus among staff on carrying out the SC’s dual-mandate in regulating as well as developing the capital market in alignment with national agendas and aspirations.
Three Business Plan Townhall sessions were held from 12 to 19 January 2023, where the SC’s seven focus areas and strategies involving the deliverables of key needle-moving initiatives were cascaded to all staff. These Townhalls underscored the pivotal responsibilities entrusted to the SC and its staff, emphasising its significant roles within the capital market. It was highlighted that when working collectively under a unified umbrella, the SC and its staff can play an instrumental role in shaping the landscape of the capital market.
Subsequently, a Management Offsite was held from 6 to 8 October 2023, with the objective of prioritising and refining the proposed 2023-2025 Business Plan initiatives and formulating a detailed Action Plan for 2024. This involved a sequence of deliberative sessions across Business Groups, where each department engaged in comprehensive discussions on the proposed
initiatives. Furthermore, interlock sessions with key enablers took place from 30 October to 3 November 2023, involving 11 Business Groups and 45 Line Departments.
Cultivating the SC DNA - Interactive Workshops
The SC DNA, introduced in March 2023, comprised six dimensions which serve as the backbone for the SC’s values, forming a powerful foundation in embodying the values of a model regulator and delivering excellence in all aspects of our work.
In internalising the SC DNA, a series of interactive sessions were organised throughout 2023. The sessions intended to provide experiential exposure to staff members on avenues to live out the dimensions and in encouraging fellow colleagues to do the same.
Staff members enrolled in a total of 10 half-day classroom sessions, with attendance consisting of staff from across departments and Business Groups, providing an opportunity for staff to socialise and, importantly, to learn with and from one another. Pursuant to the classroom sessions, online quizzes emphasising on specific touch points were organised to further inculcate the dimensions and embed them as a value across the SC.

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