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  Commemorating Occasions and Celebrating Milestones
Merdeka Leadership Series
The Merdeka Leadership Series was initiated in 2007 as the ‘Reading Campaign and Merdeka Celebration Week’ by the SC’s Knowledge Management Department. Since then, it has evolved into a significant platform for insightful discussions and reflections. The inaugural event in 2007 coincided with Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day celebration and set the stage for a series that continues to be known for its focus on leadership and national milestones.
In 2013, the series underwent a rebranding and emerged as the ‘Merdeka Leadership Series’. This transformation was aligned with the SC 20th Anniversary celebration, shifting its focus to the Merdeka Talk. This evolution provided a platform for distinguished personalities to share their experiences, both pre- and post-independence, with the members of the SC community.
Fast forward to the Merdeka Leadership Series of 2023, a pivotal year as the SC commemorates its 30th anniversary. Tan Sri Dr. Munir Majid, the esteemed founding Chairman of the SC, was invited as the guest speaker. His presence added a profound dimension to the event as he shared invaluable insights into his pioneering role as the SC’s first Chairman and the transformative journey of Malaysia’s capital market under his leadership.
The event attracted a significant attendance of nearly 300 staff members from the SC and partners. The Executive Team, including the Chairman and Managing Director, played an active role in the event. The Managing Director gave the opening speech, setting the tone for the event, while the Chairman ended the ceremony by presenting mementos of appreciation to the guest speakers.
The Merdeka Leadership Series of 2023 not only celebrated the 30th anniversary of the SC but also served as a moment of reflection, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the SC family. Through the words of Tan Sri Dr. Munir Majid, the event reaffirmed the significance of visionary leadership and collective effort in shaping the success of an institution dedicated to the development and stability of Malaysia’s capital market.

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