Page 187 - SC SCAR 2023 ENGLISH Flipbook
P. 187

                                  (b) Property, plant and equipment
(i) Recognition and measurement
Items of property, plant and equipment are measured at cost less any accumulated depreciation and any accumulated impairment losses.
Cost includes expenditures that are directly attributable to the acquisition of the asset and any other costs directly attributable to bringing the asset to working condition for its intended use, and the costs of dismantling and removing the items and restoring the site on which they are located. Purchased software that is integral to the functionality of the related equipment is capitalised as part of that equipment.
When significant parts, if any, of an item of property, plant and equipment have different useful lives, they are accounted for as separate items (major components) of property, plant and equipment.
The gain or loss on disposal of an item of property, plant and equipment is determined by comparing the proceeds from disposal with the carrying amount of property, plant and equipment and is recognised net within ‘other income’ or ‘other expenses’ respectively in profit or loss.
(ii) Subsequent costs
The cost of replacing a component of an item of property, plant and equipment is recognised in the carrying amount of the item if it is probable that the future economic benefits embodied within the component will flow to the SC and its cost can be measured reliably. The carrying amount of the replaced component is derecognised to profit or loss. The costs of the day-to-day servicing of property, plant and equipment are recognised in profit or loss as incurred.
(iii) Depreciation
Depreciation is based on the cost of an asset less its residual value. Significant components of individual assets are assessed, and if a component has a useful life that is different from the remainder of that asset, then that component is depreciated separately.
Depreciation is recognised in profit or loss on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful lives of each component of an item of property, plant and equipment from the date that they are available for use. Property, plant and equipment under construction are not depreciated until the assets are ready for their intended use.
The estimated useful lives for the current year are as follows:
Office equipment, furniture and fittings Motor vehicles
Computer and application systems
50 years 5-10 years 5 years 3-5 years
Depreciation methods, useful lives and residual values are reviewed at end of the reporting period and adjusted as appropriate.
(c) Intangible assets
(i) Computer software
Computer software is initially measured at cost. Costs recognised are costs (including staff costs) directly associated with identifiable software controlled by the SC that will generate probable future economic benefits. Following initial recognition, computer software is measured at cost

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