Efficient mechanism for partnership with Malaysian private investors to empower MSMEs

What is MyCIF?

The Malaysia Co-investment Fund (MyCIF) was set up as part of Belanjawan 2019 in order to co-invest in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Social Enterprises alongside private investors via Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) and Peer-to-peer Financing (P2P) platforms.

Our Objective

Establish a public-private partnership mechanism for risk capital financing.

Create a more efficient and visible channel to disburse government funds to MSMEs.

Crowd in private investors and spur further growth in the alternative financing markets.

How does the MyCIF Funding Work?

For all MSME and startups that successfully raised funds from ECF and P2P platforms, MyCIF will invest in the following ratio:

General MSME Scheme
Social Enterprise Scheme
P2P or ECF
P2P only
Investment ratio*1:41:1
Maximum investment amountRM1 millionRM500,000

For instance, in case of 1:4 investment ratio, MyCIF will invest RM1 for every RM4 successfully raised from private investors on the participating platforms.

MyCIF in Numbers

Q4 2019 to Q4 2021

ECF & P2P campaigns
co-invested in


MSMEs which have received
Total co-invested from initial RM180M allocation
Private sector investments
alongside MyCIF
MyCIF’s ECF and P2P issuers are micro or small businesses

Who is eligible for MyCIF?

  • General MSME Scheme

    ALL MSMEs who meet the requirements set forth by respective MyCIF participant's platforms.

  • Social Enterprise Scheme

    ALL SOCIAL ENTERPRISEs who have been: 

    1. Granted Basic SE, SE Accreditation (“SE.A”) or SE Accreditation Plus (“SE.A Plus”) status by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development under the Social Enterprise Accreditation program; and
    2. Meet the requirements set forth by respective MyCIF participant’s platform.

How to Apply for MyCIF? 


Apply for financing from any of the ECF and P2P platforms participating in the MyCIF Scheme. List of participating platforms. 

Get Funded 

Get funded from private investors via the ECF or P2P platform.

Eligible for MyCIF

If successfully fulfill the private funding target, the P2P or ECF platform will help to access to MyCIF funding.

Announcement and Publication


The government has allocated RM 30 mil to the MyCIF fund as announced in Budget 2023

In 2022, a special ratio of 1:2 will be applied to all eligible MSMEs in agriculture sector, to encourage more innovation in the agriculture business and address national and global food security challenges.

Budget 2022: initiatives for small and medium enterprises that are key to national economic recovery

Terms and Conditions Relating to MyCIF Scheme

Terms & Conditions Relating to Malaysia Co-Investment Fund Scheme
Amended on 23 March 2022
Effective on 27 September 2019

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